The Mosquito

I am Mosquito,

The vampire of summer skies.

In Spanish, my name means

Little fly.

I search

I land

I sight

Then BITE!

I munch on dogs

On boys and cats.

I drink their blood

And grow quite fat.

My antennae search for smells of hosts,

Humans, I prefer the most.

I am true vampire of the skies:

A little insect is my disguise!


With a nod to “The Dragonfly” in Insectlopedia by Douglas Florian for providing me with a mentor text for my poem.

I am participating in #SOL17. Thanks to the twowritingteachers
blog team for creating and sustaining this community of writers.


25 thoughts on “The Mosquito

  1. Vampire of the skies–love it! Your poem makes me view mosquitoes in a new way. I still think they’re pests, but now that high-pitched whine in the night has a voice too!

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  2. I love this –I have been using his poetry a lot lately –oldies, but goodies. I love that they are fun and informational — also great topics. I plan to use your poem to show kids how you used his poem as a mentor text –thank you! And I agree with Aileen –you are sweet!

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