Everybody Says

Everybody says

I am my father’s daughter:

the straight toes, dark hair, and thick eyebrows(at one time),

the habit of returning to the house several times for forgotten items,

the love of my native city, Philadelphia.

Everybody says

I’m the image of my paternal grandmother,

with red highlights in my hair from my paternal grandfather

and skin coloring to match.

Everybody says

My weight problem is inherited,

Great-grandmother, grandmother, mother;

All round and chubby – overweight by any standard.

Everybody says

My nose is like my father’s,

My love of writing and reading passed on from my mother

as well as her quick temper – thank goodness,

also quick to forgive and forget (my father).

Everybody says,

Everybody says,

Everybody says…

But I just want to be me.

With a nod to my mentor text: “Everybody Says” by Dorothy Aldis in Songs of Myself compiled by Georgia Heard

I am participating in #SOL17. Thanks to the twowritingteachersblog
team for creating and sustaining this community of writers.


15 thoughts on “Everybody Says

  1. It is interesting how we take on characteristics of certain family members. Your poem left me wondering what everybody would say about me. But then, I started writing one about my daughter. This is a great little poem and I love the ending!

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  2. Nice poem, Lynne! I think we are all a part of many people. Probably most like those who give us life, but also like those we encounter though varied experiences, and those we honor and learn from. It’s mind boggling when you think of it, actually – the way people and experiences shape who we are. All of those things makes us unique. Thanks for this lovely thought today.

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  3. I find that the older I get the more I am willing to see of my ancestors in me…I know who I am, but I also recognize that I am a sum of many influences. I’ll have to try this prompt out my with students, Lynne – loved reading through the traces of who you are.


  4. I only know you for you –and you are one of kind!! My life is fuller in so many ways because you are in it. I still remember the day when Franki said, “Come with me to this presentation. I want you to meet my friend, Lynne.” I went and we connected at the Stenhouse gathering … and the rest is history. I am glad you are you!


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