Ocean Playmate


Last day of summer at the beach
I stay beyond the ocean’s reach.

The sand is dark with Ocean’s stain,
It’s claiming beach – that much, is plain.

The ocean is so big and strong,
I know we’ll never get along.

My family loves an ocean swim,
The twins especially, Kim and Jim.

They wave and shout, “Come in, don’t quit!”
But all I think: “I just don’t fit.”

I look away, then at my feet…
They’re still beyond the ocean’s reach.

Sandpipers make tracks on the beach,
While just above me, seagulls screech.

A beachball floats, alone and free,
I will not save it – no, not me!

A wave sneaks up to touch my toes,
Ocean’s waves, in rows and rows.

As time goes on, it grabs my legs…
“Come in and play,” each breaker begs.

My heart pumps faster, pounding beats,
I think about a sneak retreat.

But gingerly, I’m inching in,
And now the water’s to my chin!

I jump the waves and shout with glee,
The waves and sky are all I see.

I can be brave! I can fly high!
What matters most is that I try.

My eyes light up, and then I grin…
And laughing, I exclaim, “You win!”

When day is done, I need a rest,
My ocean playmate is the best!

Each day next summer, here, I’ll be,
My ocean playmate waits for me.

I am participating in #SOL17. Thanks to the two writing teachers blog team for creating and slice-of-life2sustaining this wonderful community of writers!

16 thoughts on “Ocean Playmate

    • Thanks, Diane. This is a work in progress – I can see many more drafts and possibly a picture book. I am going to join PSBI writing classes and continue to try to make it to PAWLP writing group.


  1. I love the images you created here, Lynne! Keeping the correct meter with the rhyme without making it sound forced can be tricky, but you have managed it very well! I know you write a lot of free verse, but maybe rhyme is your thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was really kind of scary trying the rhyme. I am not comfortable with it. But I am going to keep working on this piece as a picture book and a way to say to children – Be Brave! Try new things! It’s not a priority right now, but I’ll take it to the PAWLP retired writer’s group and up to PSBI when I can make their meetings.


  2. I love the ocean – just wish I could see it more often! I love the personification of the ocean. I can see this as a picture book, especially for those kids who are just little afraid of the “bigness” of the ocean. Wonderful writing.

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  3. The use of rhyming couplets to produce your narrative poem worked so effectively Lynne. The poem revealed it’s story gradually, gently. Just as courage and confidence increased, the depth of the water did so too. Your adventure with rhyme will no doubt build your confidence here as well.


  4. I love this so much — so many layers to this poem. The beat worked perfectly with ocean – I could hear it and see it through the beat you created. I think this would be a great children’s book. The courage it takes to face this fear is the same as all fears. This topic makes courage seem more accessible somehow — I think we can all see ourselves in this and learn from it. You pulled us through the feeling of facing your fear step by step. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Clare. I needed this encouragement. I think I will take it along to several writing groups, and eventually, to an SCBWI Conference and/or Highlights workshop. Finding time is the hardest part, but I am going to blog every day – or close to it – to keep this flow going. I really needed Slice this year!


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