Her Words and Vision, True Today

I am participating in #SOL17. Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team for creating this wonderful community of writers.

One Life.slice-of-life2

One Vision.

One Woman.

Many lives changed…

and changing.

Committed to improving the quality of life,

To expanding opportunities for children,

To promoting an understanding of cultures,

their attributes and values.

To speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,

To make us see the injustices of prejudice,

To infuse the need for humanitarianism

Everywhere in our world and

in everything we do:

Every thought,

Every action,

Every prayer.

The legacy

and dreams


Pearl S. Buck.

11 thoughts on “Her Words and Vision, True Today

  1. I am moved by your enthusiasm for Pearl Buck and her foundation. They do such good work, and your poem illustrates how one woman made such a huge difference in the lives of others. I love the poem, Lynne. It’s a wonderful tribute.

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  2. I have to admit you inspired some inquiry for me today as I am not familiar with Pearl S. Buck. Your delicately written poem build the background for me as I continued to learn more about this writer and advocate. Thanks for sharing, Lynne.


  3. Your poem has inspired me, as it has inspired others. I read The Good Earth in high school, and I’m on my way to go read about Pearl Buck’s foundation. Thank you. I love the trajectory of your poem.


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