All in a Small Moment

With thanks to Fran McVeigh for providing me with this scaffold to write this piece.

Currently I am….

writing a slice-of-life piece with a format borrowed from Fran.

pausing to watch the grackles devour the seed in my bird feeder.

sipping black coffee that sits by my laptop.

petting my Welsh Corgi, Merri, who patiently waits for me to stop writing.

pulling my light jacket around me for warmth.

wondering if I should get up and bump the heat up a notch.

checking my phone for a text message from my husband.

brushing tears from my cheeks as I reread Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s love letter,  “You May Want to Marry My Husband.”

making a mental note to purchase Amy’s memoir and read it.

thinking that my plants sitting on the wide sills in my kitchen may need some water.

realizing that I still have two Christmas decorations to store away for next year.

remembering, suddenly, that I still have not registered for ILA or have written a proposal to present at KSRA 2017 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

mentally reminding myself to find time to make the chili for tonight’s dinner with Diane and Joe.

worrying that I still have eighteen (Yes, eighteen) more slices to write for this month!



I am participating in #SOL17.   Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team for creating this wonderful community of writers.

19 thoughts on “All in a Small Moment

  1. I enjoyed the stream of consciousness in this post. There is the ordinary–heat to notch up, chili to make alongside the intimate–text from husband, a memoir to purchase and isn’t that what life is so often about? The ways in which ordinary acts signal bigger concerns, bigger loves.

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  2. I love using this structure! It brings so many thoughts to the surface – sort of like a memory chain. Following your thinking was just like having a conversation with you – you always think of so many things at once to talk about. I think many of these random thoughts could lead to other slices!

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  3. I do like this format but have never tried it. I feel a dry spell coming on so I may use it on that day. I have Molly sitting here watching me type hoping for a head rub. She will get it.

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    • Thanks, Elsie. I worked with Diane Dougherty yesterday – on presentations and placing our appendices in the right chapters for our new book. I left the chili in the crock pot. My husband brought it to Diane’s home with cornbread and rice. We had a great dinner but left early evening to get home before Stella arrived!


  4. I love this — part of me wants to try it and part of me is afraid to let the world in on my brain. I think people are still trying to accept that I admitted I like to listen to books on 1.5 speed! I loved getting into your brain… and I wish I was coming over for chili. Jealous!!


  5. It is said we don’t have to think things up, we just need to sit and look around us. All the things we need to capture are there waiting for us to recognize them. All that physical and mental activity has been sown into your piece in a highly effective focus on small moments. Thanks Lynne.


  6. The currently format is always a refreshing post. I enjoyed my sneak peek into your day. I hope you got your chili made. Oh, and eighteen more slices, don’t sweat it. You got this!


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