Ginkgo Tree in Verse

The Ginkgo tree,

Lovely Maidenhair tree:

Unique, beautiful, deep-rooted, patient.

Withstanding drought,

 winter salt,

air pollution.

Resisting snow and wind damage.

Fan-shaped leaves that flutter in the slightest breeze.

In autumn, a brilliant, saturated yellow.

Female Ginkgo’s fruit: a yellow orange, plum-like.

Living more than one thousand years,

Here with the dinosaurs.

A conversation starter for your backyard.


Leaves as delicate

as silk fans, the ginkgo tree,

shades me – an old friend.

8 thoughts on “Ginkgo Tree in Verse

  1. Gorgeous! I miss reading your slices — are you doing the March challenge? I can’t this year… have to keep life in balance with the family and work. I look forward to reading your slices and seeing you soon!


  2. I am doing the March challenge and will miss seeing you there, but I understand. I will call you about the spring. We want to visit you in Boston. I hope there might be a weekend to get together!


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