How to Drink Guinness


When we were in Ireland, we visited Guinness Storehouse. I couldn’t leave Ireland without drinking a Guinness, so I decided to give it a try. The brew was a rich ruby-red with foam on top.

I followed the instructions of the guide we had when we toured Dublin Castle. I held the glass to my lips with my elbow parallel to my chest and slowly sipped the brew through the foam. The idea was to still have foam when I reached the bottom of the mug. I was successful!

The drink was exceptional. It tasted better than anything I’ve had in the States, but perhaps it was the atmosphere or the method I used to drink it. I shared with my friend Bruce who was not a believer. “Are you sure the Irish don’t have a good time giving instructions like this to Americans?”  I had never considered this. Noooooooo…..

6 thoughts on “How to Drink Guinness

  1. Mmm – you made me want to drink a glass of Guinness, and I don’t even like dark beer! 😉 My daughter is working at an internship at Boden Clothing in London this morning and is looking forward to visiting Dublin at the end of July.


  2. Now I am curious! This sounds like a true tradition and a delicious one! I have only had Guinness as part of an “Irish Car Bomb” (I did not make up this possibly politically incorrect name) in which you drop a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream into a glass of Guinness. It was good!


  3. Oh, those Irish. Killian is my maiden name and we come from the great land of green across the pond. I am quite sure that those dear Irish fellows love to watch Americans drink Guinness in a way that they describe precisely. I does not matter though, really, because as you say – the beer tastes better there than anywhere in the states. Thank you for sharing your experience, Lynne. I smiled all the way through it. 🙂


  4. Last fall I too, enjoyed a pint at the Storehouse. What a fun experience! I was told one should not sip Guinness because you will only get the bitter that rises to the top. I believe it is true.


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