Trinity College

It was so amazing! Trinity College is one of the top 20 schools in the world, Ireland’s oldest university and can claim Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Robert Emmett, Samuel Beckett, Oliver Goldsmith, Theobald Wolf Tone, John Millington Synge, and Bram Stoker as graduates.

Today there is a registration fee of about 3000 euros if you are Irish, and about 33,000 if you are not. Years ago, if you were Catholic, you had to get permission from your archbishop to attend since for much of its history, the university was seen as those of Protestant faith. Women were not admitted until 1904.

The college contains the Treasure, where the Book of Kells is housed. Two of the four volumes are displayed (the four gospels of the New Testament). These are opened to different pages each time (one showing an illustration and the other a page of text) they are displayed for public viewing, and the volumes are changes every 12 weeks. The pages were created from 185 calves – the calfskin is called vellum. The Book of Kells contains 340 folios. Once one volume, it was separated into four in 1953. Each sentence begins with an elaborately designed capital letter and ends in a three-pointed truangle that was above the sentence.

The huge library is magnificent! If you want to work in the library, you must climb the ladder on the second tier and remove a book from the highest shelf. If you cannot accomplish that task, you cannot work in the library! Although it has limited access, students at Trinity can still use the library. 



One thought on “Trinity College

  1. Lynne, I am amazed by the beauty and architecture not only of Trinity College but of other pictures you have posted. I also am enjoying tagging along on your trip or reliving it from one of your journals. Thanks for sharing.


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