Bunratty Castle

Built in 1425 and restored in 1954, this fortress is the most complete medieval castle in Ireland. The Folk Park is set on 25 acres and has over 30 buildings of a living rural village.

Ralph and I got to know Patrick, who manned the blacksmith shop. Although he wasn’t a farrier by trade, Patrick said in his youth he’d sometimes skip school to spend time at the forge. He showed us over a dozen tools and even let me warm a horseshoe and hammer it out on the snvil before cooling it in a trough of water. Of course, there was no horse to shoe…thank goodness for the horse!

From there we rode the bus to Adare. We will explore the village tomorrow.  Yesterday it was raining off and on all the time. It just became too wet to enjoy being outside. Glad to see a little sun this morning. It has been gray and rainy most of the time. Thank you, Glendia and Carolyn, for your advice not to travel to Ireland without a good raincoat!20160614_054701