My dear friend Nancy McElwee has many friends scattered across the globe. These friends date back to high school and college, friends she grew up with in elementary school or in her neighborhood. Nancy works hard to maintain friendships. One of our mutual friends is Jim MacCall. We can’t wait to see him at the Memorial Day picnic. Jim is an incredible guy – always upbeat and looking for the next adventure!

Recently, I reconnected with a childhood friend, Katie Sullivan. I cannot wait to see her and catch up. Kate was a fun, generous person who gave me so many wonderful memories. I remember our ride to the deli on ponies and the night Sue Kennedy and I stayed at Kate’s house – the night of the bat encounter!

This wonderful weekend I spent catching up with Dr. Elizabeth G. Davis. Beth is family. She really is like the daughter I never had. Now a full professor at Kansas State University, Beth runs the equine clinic. She is truly amazing! Ralph and I visited Beth and Kay in Manhattan, Kansas last July. Now we are all here in Chicago, and it is so wonderful to be able to make some new memories together. Dinner at the Signature Room last night with a spectacular view of Lake Michigan and a promise to celebrate all our birthdays, including Beth’s mom’s birthday, next April in Manhattan, Kansas.

Friendships are worth working to maintain. That reminds me I must call Dave VanEss – it has been too long since we have talked. I need to see Jessica and her boys. I would love to see Alex, Brooke, and Cait every week, but my goddaughters have very busy lives – as they should! I am thrilled every time I get to spend some time with them! And speaking of goddaughters,  where are you, Jennifer and Kevin?  You should be coming to Ireland with us!

I will see Nancy on Memorial Day. I need to find out what her secret is – how she invests so much time at Pearl S. Buck International, makes new friends all the time, and keeps up with all the friends she has made along the way. It’s truly a gift…but so is each true friend we have. A most precious gift we must nurture as well as treasure.

3 thoughts on “Friendships

    • Thanks, Ruth. I must admit, I am going to try to capture some of Nancy’s magic and renew some friendships while continuing to make new ones. Each one, a precious pearl on a strand that connects us to what makes our lives joyful and worth living!


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