I Could Live Like That!

The mentor text for my poem is a poem by Gerald Stern, “Saying the First Words”


I could live like that…

Never setting my alarm clock,

Tossing out my wristwatches,

Taking luxurious naps in the afternoons,

Watching old movies until midnight.


I could surround myself with books

And curl up in my wood-paneled library

With a warm fire flickering

And read undisturbed for hours!


I could love this freedom,

Having no place to go

And nothing to do –

No schedules to keep,

And the quiet

Slowness of an unhurried life –

I could live like that!

LBI 2011 (85)



6 thoughts on “I Could Live Like That!

    • Congratulations to your dad! That is really impressive! It’s funny! I retired from Upper Moreland four years ago after 38 years of service, but I retired so I could visit classrooms in many schools, write books, attend conferences, continue my work in ADK and KSRA, and do a little bit of traveling with Ralph. The kind of retirement I wrote about is not the one I am ready for ….yet. I believe it is still more than eight years away! I hope to do a lot of thinking, observing, writing, and presenting during that time. I think retirement means different things to different people and also changes from year to year. Such is life!

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  1. Lynne!

    Yes you can! I believe in you. When do you plan to start? Retirement is not inactivity. It is freedom to explore, open new doors and therefore fulfill your curiosity and creativity that have been constrained for too long – Frank


    • Hi, Frank. I do appreciate your comment, but I am a long way from total retirement! I love what I do and have a very busy year coming up! Retirement looks different for each person. I am exploring writing possibilities and hopefully, I will get to do some docent work at Pearl Buck this coming year as well. As far as curiosity and creativity, working with kids and writing is filled with that and more! I am too young for total retirement and have much left to do as an educator and writer. This is what makes me very happy. It is the life I choose.

      Are you starting your own blog? I see a new name – frenchrootsinamerica. Great idea, Frank!


  2. I would love to see the Lynne you describe. “Some day” huh? I think if you love what you do, you don’t need or want to be free of it. However, vacations are needed! That’s when “I could live like that” happens.


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