The Tastes of Summer

Have you ever tasted summer?

Sure you have.

Remember that time you were

planting marigolds and zinnias

Or weeding the hordes of barbarians

that intruded in your garden like mighty armies

And you pulled and pulled and pulled

And you lost the battle and trudged

inside the house with tired hands.

Remember how the salty sweat tasted

in the corners of your mouth and

how it stung your eyes?

That was summer.


Remember that time

When you were ordering a soft cone

And you asked for rainbow sprinkles

And chocolate and vanilla swirled layers

piled high  on a pretzel cone

And your mouth watered in anticipation?

You sat down on a wooden bench,

the boardwalk resting place.

Remember how the ice-cream tasted –

All sweet and cold and creamy?

Remember how you had to keep licking

as the strong sun smiled down at you

trying to melt your prize?

That was summer.



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