My Perfectly Perfect Mom

Mom was a true gem. She kept our family together, even though she probably should have packed us up and relocated to Allentown to be nearby our wonderful grandparents. Mom sacrificed everything for us. She really was a career woman and should have returned to nursing, but Dad never wanted her to go back. I know he was afraid he’d lose her.

My mom devoured books – she was our model for READER. Later, I discovered she was a writer, too, when my sister Diane and I read her love letters to my father. Mom shopped for all our school clothes, sent us out into the world with a good breakfast to sustain us and loving words of encouragement. She set the rules, sat with us through elementary school to get our homework done, and faithfully took us to the library every Saturday morning.

Mom was an only child, generous with her time and possessions. My grandparents gave her love and wisdom. Mom freely gave her time to “cure” the boo-boos of all the dashes and crashes of the neighborhood’s children. She valiantly tried to keep a Kosher house for my father, and insisted that we take family trips.  Although there were never many of these, I do remember our trip to New York to see the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

Mom was a beautiful person – on the outside and the inside, too. She loved us almost too much. Mom worried about us and fussed about anything she deemed as too dangerous. I fought with her for two years before she agreed to let me take horseback riding lessons. It took almost five years for her to consent to a dog because of my many allergies.

My Mom

My mother was so beautiful! She played board games with us, taught us how to draw, sang songs, and played piano. She taught each one of us how to drive. Her favorite piece was “Lara’s Song” from Dr. Zhivago.

I remember the summer before college when I cried at the drop of a hat, and Mom was so worried because I couldn’t tell her why I was always so teary-eyed (unusual for me unless I am reading a sad book or watching an oh-so-sad movie).  I had just turned seventeen, and I think I was scared to death of the transition, although I’m still not sure why.  I put her through hell that summer, but she was patient and supportive.  You could always count on Mom.

I only wish she had been around long enough for me to have those lunches and shopping sprees and heart-to-hearts that come with financial security and emotional maturity.  I did not have that time with her, but I am thankful every day for the time I did have. She gave me the strength to do all the things I have been able to do. I owe her every small and large victory. I owe her everything and much more. Thank you, Mom, you are in my heart today and every day!

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