Finding Green

                  If you want to find green, look for it on a May day in the neighborhoods of Pennsylvania. Pick the crisp cucumbers from your August garden. Hear whispers of the trees that fill their empty arms with leafy artwork. Listen to the sound of a lawnmower as it eats the grass and weeds and spits out what it doesn’t like. Smell the blue-green waters rushing through the stream bed with spring rain. 

                 Feel the bumpy back of a squat toad or the smooth, sleek skin of a garden snake. As you walk through the woodlands, if you listen closely, you may hear the soft sounds of delicate birch leaves opening.  Lick your lips to taste green in the early June mornings as dew-spangled webs decorate the lawn.  Inhale deeply on a warm summer day. Green will fill your lungs and nostrils.

                 Imagine the impossible as you lean against the rough bark of your favorite tree, reading poetry and smelling green in the pages of your new book if you want to find green.


Longwood Gardens Apr 15 2016 (131)

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