Rose, Queen of the Garden

Rose, you are not a risk taker,

waiting ‘til June to show your face.

You are certainly a fair weather friend.

We anxiously await you!


Rose, you’re almost too perfect to grow in my gardens –

deep red, white, pink, or peach;

velvet-sweet perfume mixes

 in the summer’s warm breezes.


Rose, you climb the trellis

as if you think you can escape the earth,

your thick stem, long and green,

reaching for the morning sunlight.


Rose, you are a mystery to me.

How can anything so beautiful have thorns? 

How can anything so beautiful cause so much pain?

Why do I forget to wear my gloves each time I choose you?


Rose, I like you best in a tall glass vase

surrounded by your friends Daisy, Fern, and Alstroemeria –

Gracing my kitchen table where golden sunlight

spreads like sweet honey over tables, chairs, and floor.


Rose, perhaps by any other name you would smell as sweet.

You are the symbol of true love.

You are the garden’s true queen.

You are the flower I admire most (and sometimes curse!)

2 thoughts on “Rose, Queen of the Garden

  1. Roses take their time to get here, but they are worth the wait. Despite their thorns and the bees they attract, they are quite beautiful.

    Hope you enjoyed Longwood Gardens yesterday. (I suspect the barren rosebushes inspired this poem.)

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