Birds Sing!

Birds sing their way

   into the world  each morning.

They greet the sunrise

   with their happy chatter.

Hidden in bushes and brambles,

   they twit and tweet  for all they’re worth!

What a RACKET they make!

How can they be such

    cheerful early-morning risers?

Are they reciting their “To Do” list

    or just so happy to welcome the sun?

Is this some ancient rite with hidden meaning?

It makes me smile;

  it makes me feel good inside.

Birds sing themselves to sleep

  with sweet lullabies of twilight

  as day fades into night.

They twit and tweet

   with the same enthusiasm

    they had upon waking.

Are they checking to make sure

   friends and family are tucked in safely?

That a youngster is not breaking curfew?

Or are they simply sharing

   bits of gossip from a busy day?

Birds sing their way into twilight times,

   reminding us to be joyful:

   celebrate each new day

   with a song in our heart.

Birds sing!

Our world, a better place, with their song!