Fall in Pennsylvania

Sunset roses say their final good-bye,

A trillion trees are waiting to amaze you,

And Leaf Peepers come in droves

To see burnt oranges, golden yellows, rich reds.

The blue-purple violet of twilight time,

And Harvest Moon hangs in a coldly brilliant sky,

Then silver cobwebs glisten in morning sun.

Later on, brown-white stubble covers farmers’ fields

As a fiery red fox trots for the grove of pines.

Bittersweet, the orange-yellow leaves let go,

Adding to their browning friends on our lawn.

Pumpkins decorate the porch and patio,

Dried and spray-painted gourds: red, blue, and yellow.

Then the masqueraders come in all sizes:

Witches, Fairy Princesses, Spiderman, Ghosts.

They shout, “Trick or treat!” and when it’s over,

We shiver and feel that Old Man Winter is coming.

10 thoughts on “Fall in Pennsylvania

  1. Autumn is my favorite season, so I have a deep appreciation for your poem. Just lovely!

    Speaking of seasons, what’s up with today’s weather? What a mess of an April this is starting out to be. (BTW: Did you see Shelly’s post today about the April snow showers she woke up to?)


    • It was so cold walking the dogs this morning that I came in and wrote about fall. It’s my favorite season, too. I will have the rationale to send to you by the weekend. Stay warm!


  2. You know I love fall, too. A great poem to take away the thoughts of spring being so chilly! Luckily I was able to find spring at Longwood today.


  3. What I love most about your poem is the way I could visualize all the beautiful aspects of autumn! This would be a great piece to teach inferring too. Your pieces always reflect an eloquent choice of words. My favorite from your poem today: “Then the masqueraders come in all sizes.”


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