A Simple Gift

She stoops only to gather fragrant bunches

While gurgling voices spill over slippery rocks,

Splashing cool sprays on

Delicate saffron buds.

Tall wavy grasses

Tickle brown berry feet

That float like daisy-cutters

Beyond the song-filled meadow.


Throwing open the door,

She spies him, patient and level-headed,

Wondering and waiting and wishing

That she did not have to be so busy.

But eyes smile to match

The slow grin spreading

Across his face like

Morning sunshine fills the kitchen.


Her gift accepted…

Message understood.

2 thoughts on “A Simple Gift

    • Thanks, Amy. I was writing about my husband. He is supportive and understanding of my somewhat cluttered life. He never complains! Occasionally, I surprise him with flowers or the gift of free time to spend together. I am working hard to carve more time with loved ones into my work schedule. I haven’t shared this poem with him yet but plan to read it to him tonight. I think he will like it.

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