Peace for the World: A Poem About Sadako

Blue ghosts lingering above Hiroshima’s dome

While hideously scarred faces wander below.

White doves circling a lone statue –

Sadako, arms stretching outward to release

A crane that joins the flock of peace birds,

While thousands of origami cranes litter the ground.


Silent onlookers remember loved ones lost

As lanterns, fragile warm-yellow swans,

Glide across the cold, black waters.

Families placing rice cakes on altars for spirits…

For the blue ghosts, for Oba Chan –

And now, for Sadako, too.


Atom bomb bringing mushroom-shaped cloud,

Bringing sickness and taking children

Oh, so slowly…oh, so slowly.

Hoping the gods would grant her wish, she labors,

Thick, swollen fingers making fold after fold.

Exquisite paper cranes hang from hospital’s ceiling.


Her family waiting, watching, wondering

Who will be the next to join Oba Chan.

It should not be the children…

It must not be the children…

It will not be the children…

Struggling with clumsy fingers to make one more crane.


          Remembering Sadako

                   She lives in our hearts,

                    She triumphs over Death.

                All over the world


            Making paper cranes…

                      Blue ghosts


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