Her Name

Her name tells of how it was with her,

The truth was that she loved to be with children.

Everyone knew she would let the children

              show the way…

Deciding to do a dinosaur museum,

Creating poetry performances and plays,

Writing skits for Reader’s Theater,

And basking in their parents’ praises

              during portfolio celebrations.

She looked forward to the summers

with mixed emotions,

Hating to watch the children leave

                     on the last day,

Brushing tears from her cheeks as

                     she said goodbye.

But in September she again felt

                     the quiet excitement

And told us it was fine for her

                     that way

Each year a new family to nurture

Each year watching the children learn

              and grow in wonder…

Her name was Teacher.


A poem using the scaffold of a Cree Indian naming poem, “Quiet Until the Thaw.” 

One thought on “Her Name

  1. Lynne, this piece is breath taking. The beautiful words that flow down the page. It’s inspiring too. I kept expecting a specific name but I love the ending, “Her name was Teacher”.


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