Procrastination mops the kitchen floor and dusts the shelves,

Even though she truly hates to do any kind of housework.

Procrastination finds a cozy nook to read a good book

And only stops to write poetry, or take the dogs out.

She calls all her friends, answers e-mails, and even

Decides she should pay bills and shred junk mail.

Procrastination finds weeds to pull, perennials to plant,

And the indoor flowers in need of a bigger pot.

Procrastination finds a way to avoid “the office”

Filled with presentations that span twenty years or more.

She avoids categorizing articles, recycling piles of magazines,

And finding homes for books to make room for new ones.

She passes by “the office” in a hurried walk,

Trying best not to look inside, to keep her mind on other things;

Ready to take up any passing fancy or follow any flitting butterfly

Because Procrastination is, first and foremost,

A procrastinator to the very core!

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