How to Be Me

Dream of becoming an elementary school teacher.

Go to school for years and years and years.

Gobble your lunch in less than ten minutes flat!

Eat dinner on the run.

Be crazy about dogs, horses, whales, and children.

Dream of going to New England to see the humpback whales.

Write in a writer’s notebook everyday.

Be careful not to break things while walking around in a store that has narrow aisles.

Own Welsh Corgi dogs like the Queen of England.

Teach horseback riding to children and adults.

Love your twin goddaughters with all your heart.

Delight in your part in the wedding plans of Karen and Walt!

Love to receive flowers, especially daisies and roses.

Despise house cleaning and avoid doing it at all costs.

Wear turtlenecks as often as possible.

Vacation at Long Beach Island with family and pets.

Spend a wonderful two weeks in Italy and in Portugal.

Look forward to a weekend in Chicago and a trip to Ireland.

Dream of writing a children’s book.

Constantly consider a diet but never lose weight.

Dye your hair red to hide the incoming gray.

Never stop teaching adults and kids about writing.

Be a workaholic.

Dream of vacations in Greece, Australia, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Drive a little too fast and too much.

Know the route to West Chester University blindfolded.

Be a cheer leader and encourager.

Imagine the possibilities.

Write a book about mentor texts, grammar, and now formative assessment.

Have fun creating Easter baskets for grand nieces and nephew

(Please, please, don’t eat the candy – maybe just a peanut butter egg).

Keep believing you CAN make a difference!

Dream of peace and a better world for both people and animals.

Dream and keep your dreams close to you…always.

Never stop dreaming

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