Haiku and An Autumn Poem

 Haiku: Five Poems in Five Lines Each

Leaves as delicate

as silk fans, the ginkgo tree

shades me – an old friend.


Painting the landscape,

leaves flutter through the crisp air,

changing the known world.


Smoke trees grow leaves like

paddles, row through crisp currents,

sink in pools of air.


Vibrant shades in fall:

Leaf-peeper’s paradise but

Home owner’s nightmare!


Yellow poplar drops

her leaves on the wet sidewalk…

Silhouettes of frogs!


Autumn Colors

 Autumn leaves fall in

A frenzy of jazzy colors,

Like shiny notes plucked

From a cello or violin.


Scarlet and pumpkin,

Some the color of summer straw,

While others are already

The color of cinnamon toast.

The colors of Autumn:

Crunch under October feet,

Dance like jitterbuggers in the air,

Create a collage of rainbow pieces.


And so I am always waiting

For this artist to return,

Her palette filled with vibrant colors,

The colors of Autumn.









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